Farming in Africa

    Goat breeding 

After a long time of research, African Refugee Infopoint helps to lead as an example of practical work that can help both the global north and Global south to connect in a sustainable way for the environment, people and culture. An Initiative came up to the idea to construct a Goat farm or better said mix farming agricultural project. 

From our research Goat farming is sustainable in many ways and also the waste can be used as fertilizer in the plant farming section, where we will grow the goat feed like Brachiaria, Super Napia and other local vegetables and food for people working on the farm, enough to profit also their families.  

We intend to start with a few local goats so the work is managable. The beginning is still more of a learning process to define the procedures according to the needs of the goats such as housing, foods, medicine and other challanges. After the first period breeding the local goats we will introduce the exotic goats to breed and improve the quality of the local goats. The following process will make the goats grow faster and bigger in general and also produce more milk. Once we have achieved it, we will also make the exotic breeds easier to access by other local farmers as an act of leaving no one behind. 

The aim is also to create opportunity for the Africans/NGOs in Europe to invest and also make it possible for those (Africans) who want to relocate or start an agricultural farm in any african country. 

  The intention is to also create possibilities for exchange programs and educational research and trainings. 

Below are some updates of the project so far with pictures. 

Following are the steps from beginning of preparing the place till the first animals moving in the new home

Here we are building a fence to secure the goats in a first step.

Here we are making the bricks for the fence and foundation for the goat pen.

This is the view from the roof of goat pen.

The goat pen will have four different rooms to seperate the goats.

This is the space the plants will be growing. We will male rows of different vegetables and weeds.

Here are the pictures of the finishing of the goatpen

After all the first goats and sheep moving in

First days after arrival the goats and sheep stay on ropes to get used to the envitonment. After this first period they are free to move around the place