Welcome to the African/Refugee InfoPoint

The African Refugee InfoPoint advises and supports people in difficult integration processes in Germany. Our focus is on the self-empowerment aspect and the consensus of global learning. Integration is achieved through the transfer of knowledge between the global/south and north.

Ukraine Africans Calling for help

To see the passion and work of more people involving also for Black Refugees although it was not their focus till now, brings mixed feelings for the members of our initiative.
Once again we observe the great need of African Refugees, in huge amount of questions and need of further support in their daily activities in connection to integration process or sometimes Asylum process.
One of the critical points we see in the new upcoming initiatives, is the over looking and Ignorance that African Refugees living already in Germany face. Without any Rights and are not Respected in any legal form, African refugees have been struggling for decades. Many new initiatives are founded by European educated POC or White alleys who now advicing Africans coming from Ukraine. As we have noticed the learning by doing is a good process but for a supportive mind it needs sensibility from where empowerment can increase for also those who need it.
Note: not every case can seek for political Asylum or it could be the worst Advice, also one advice can not fit for every individual situation in refugee consulting and there are many long term aspects that all the new initiative and NGO’s can not know and still need to experience together with the refugees.
From our experience we know already the consequences of staying in Germany and being Black from Africa. We have been doing consultation for families, children, women and men as well as every human being in special situation.
Even though we are requested for practical advice by referred or directly from the African refugees from Ukraine, still the fore runners now of the new projects has offered no practical or structural cooperation to our Initiative.
From our perspective we can not feel the Empowerment, even in this time of great social involvement for Refugees. Knowing especially that those without any privileges or any kind of status, those who are excluded from any Rights in Germany due to Un-documentation are still left Behind.
The Systems is still working according to the way we know it from the past years of going through a lot of processes with many people to see the perspective of the less privileged is still not acknowledged and visible to the public.

We have no choice but to be critical against all the structures who suddenly can offer “Help” to people who came from another european country within the past weeks but ignoring the same needs of people who have been here before that time frame.