Involvement of African Refugee Infopoint in the project of subSolar

Our cultural Involvement brought a whole band with professional musicians and all technical equipments to fulfill the moment, of setting up the lights, with Music to heat the Heart with Love. In the German cold of December the people had Patient with some warm drinks and stayed after sunset to see the new built lights in action. The Garden was on this day a beautiful Place with lots of friendly faces.

The musical involvement is with our Berlin based Band with all Members of different African and Caribik Countries, brought everybody to dance on this day.
The effort behind the scene is kind of an invisible work to keep everybody happy and hold that energy together.

Dear friends of the TIME MACHINES for the KINDL HOF,

On Saturday, 4 December, we will continue our series of events on the open space with the FULL MOON(S) ABOUT THE KINDL HOF.

In the interest of social and ecological sustainability, the Kindl Hof and the fermenting cellar below are to become a space for experimentation, learning and over-space for alternative urban development, open to as many people as possible and involving a variety of actors in a playful way. In order to explore this, we will build TIME MACHINES in a total of four consecutive events, with which we can travel into a desirable future, test possible uses of the open space and the fermenting cellar and involve different interest groups, groups that can participate.


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