Voting-Rights & Social-Engagement

Self-Representation is one big Part to the Self-Empowerment we are giving the Platform to increase the ambition for individuals to empower themself and get active in different political, economic or education ways. The Event on the 9th and 16th of September 2021 was a good example for many African Refugees who saw and heard about the topic of voting rights and social engagement in intercultural spaces in Berlin. We were able to proof that we are capable of organizing and hosting an event in an open Space. We had on the first Event more than 50 participants und on the second more than 40 who are listening to the musical parts as well as the speaking. Some got involved by asking questions or giving examples of their own experience on the journey to migration in Germany. Especicially important was also the overall message to the owners of the KINDL Areal and the general society to understand the importance of acceptance and learning together in the migration topic.

Altogether we felt that it was a very successful Event and it gave not only us but also the Participants hope for a better and more justice in future for the difficulties African refugees face in Germany.

Invitation Letter:

There is a very important issue in our Community that needs our urgent attention. There is a need to critically interrogate how interculturalism is being practised in the City of Berlin and other intercultural spaces or “safe spaces”. Marginalised Black people still face systemic and structural exclusion. This happens even though people with good intentions are involved but have no time during their daily routine to critically reflect their actions through new perspectives.

Due to the constant criticism and self reflection on intercultural interactions, we established the African Refugee Infopoint in Berlin in 2018.. Here we created a Platform for Self-Empowerment and built a Structure for political work based on human rights especially for marginalised Black people without privilege. As an independent initiative we work on a voluntary basis to offer consultations to our target group and organize events to empower, raise consciousness and Inspiration on African cultural and political levels to individuals which we bring into intercultural spaces.

Due to the difficulties experiencing from discrimination based on access for Black people there is a strong need to find a solutions. Equal access for everyone is based on the willingness of the integration of the majority Society towards Black refugees. Above the sensibility to understand different cultures, patience is needed to overcome misunderstandings. There is a lot of communication-work to do so that integration works.

For this reason we are planning an event on the participation in Voting Rights and Volunteering work in intercultural spaces in Berlin. There is a connection between the three topics which can help bring us as individuals and we in our community closer to equality. To explore these opportunities together we invite you to participate as a guest or representative of your organization.


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